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BSNL LTC Concession At a Glance
The complete set of Rules are given at the end. The information given here may not be uptodate.
In the case of journey to home town, admisible once in a block of two years. The blocks are 1956 - 57, 1958 - 59 and so on: presently the blocks are 2006 - 07 and 2008 - 09.
In the case of journey to "Any place in India", admissible once in a block of four years. This will be in lieu of one journey to home town. The current block ia 2006 - 09. Th next block is 2010-13
Admissible during regular/casual/special casual leave, study leave, maternity leave and during paternity leave. Also admissible during leave preparatory to retirements, provided the return journey is completed before the expiry of the leave.
Leave Travelling Concession is admissible to all journeys by Train/Road/Steamer.
In the case of an employee under suspension, admissible only to the family of the government servant.
Leave Travelling Concession not availed during a block year, can be availed within the grace time (i.e., before end of the next year.)
Family members may travel independently in any number of batches. The return of each group must becompleted within six months from the commencement of that group's outward journey. This conditionmay be relaxed by the Head of the Department in special cases. The government servant and or members of the familymay travel under the concession to travel to "any where in India" either to the same place or different places of their choice.
The government servant can visit his home town also under the concession to travel to "any where in India".
Some members of the family can avail home town concession and others can avail "any where in India" concession in the same block year.
Reimbursement allowed by the entitled class or actually travelled class, whichever is less.
Before commencement of Leave Travelling Concession would be intimated within 45 days, only eligible to get 90% anticipated reimbursement may be granted as advance.
You should have completed one year of service on the date of journey to avail LTC.(From 1.9.2008 onwards fresh rcruits along with their families are allowed to visit their home towns on three occasiions and to "Any place in India" on fourth occasion during a block of four years in the initial period of 8 years after joining the government for the first time.)
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The actual complete BSNL LTC rules as on 2009
These rules may be called BSNL LTC Rules These rules shall come lnto
force wef. the date as may be notihed in this regard
(2.1) The terms Family means an employees wife / husband, dependent parents
residing with employee or in native place, dependent / widowed / divorced /
abandoned / separated daughters, dependent legitimate children and step
children who are below 25 years of age and residing with him. Not more
than one wife is included in a Family for the purpose of these rules. Where,
the spouse is also Company`s employee, the concession will be admissible to
the employee on the scale admissible to the husband or the wife and not
(2.2) Where the wife / husband of an employee is working in other PSU I
Government Department / Autonomous Body etc., the concession will be
admissible to the employee for all members of the family on furnishing a
certificate from the employer of the spouse for non—availing LTC for the
(2.3) The wife /husband can declare separate home towns independently and can
claim LTC for one‘s respective family viz , while the husband can claim for his
dependents parents I minor brothers / srters, the wife can avail for her
dependent parents / minor brothers / sisters. ln such cases the children can
claim the concession as members of family of any one of the parents in a
particular block.
(2.4) The husband lwife who avails LTC as a member of the family of the spouse,
cannot claim independently for self.
(2.5) Employees for the purposes of these rules will mean all employees of BSNL
It also includes depulationists from other Organisations, Public Sector
Undertaking and Government Departments (Central or State) unless there is
nothing repugnant in their terms of deputation.
(2.6) The terms Company means Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL)
(3.1) There will be two blocks of two year each in a four calender years in which
employees will be entitled for two LTC schemes ( Home Town and any place
in India / abroad) commencing from the Ist January 2008.

(3.2) The.Leave Travel Concession to visit home town will be admissible once in a
block of 2008-09 ( two calenderyears) to the employee who has completed
one year service and is entitled to regular leave. lt will cover all dependent
members of his family as dehned in sub-para 2.1 above
(3.3) The employee will also be entitled to the concession under these rules for
travelling once to any place in India / abroad as per his entitlement in the
block of four years. This facility of availing LTC for travelling once to any
place in India I abroad will also be available to employee whose home town is
either the same or very close to his place of posting and so is not entitled to
LTC for home town
(3.4) The employee will be paid 100% reimbursment of fare or his entitlement
which ever is less for travel to home town or any place in India under BSNL
LTC scheme separately for each block of two calender years by the
Company. The employee will be eligible to the Railway/Air fare by a class of
accommodation to which he is entitled according to TA Rules of the
Company, The employee may, however, travel by any mode e g. air, train
road, or steamer. However the fare will be restricted to the entitled class ol air
fare in case of travel by air in higher class and the entitled class of railway
fare! steamer fare admissible to the employee acccording to TA Rules of the
(3.5) lf an employee, who is entitled to travel by air on Tour, travels on LTC to a
place outside India, per member of his family he will be re-imbursed the
least of the actual air fare or Rs. 50,000/- in case he is entitled to executive
class on Tour or Rs 35,000/— in case he is entitled to economy class on
(4.1) The concession will be admissible for journey performed by the employee
during regular leave_including medical leave, maternity leave, leave on half
pay,Q ~ I T earned leave and / or casual leave as the case
may be irrespecbveof their duration
(4.2) The concession will not, however, be admissible to an employee who
proceeds on leave and then resigns his post without returning to duty.
(4.3) The employee and members of family may travel separately
(4.4) The employee claiming the leave travel concession shall provide a proof to
the effect that the journey for which the reimbursement is claimed is actually
undertaken. Ticket number or a money receipt from the railway booking clerk
may be accepted as the proof.

(4.5) This concession is admissible equally to permanent employees and
probationers as well as the temporary and officiating employees.
(4.5) Leave Travel Concession will be admissible to all employees of the Company,
except who are not in the whole time employment of the Company.
(4.7) The concession will not be admissble to an employee who has not completed
one year of continuous service under the Company on the date
of outward journey to be performed by him or his family as the case may be.
The term continuous service under the company may be computed by
including the continuous service either under the non-executive cadre or
executive cadre or both. The concession will be admissible to the employee
proceeding on leave just before attaining the age of superannuation. But in
this case, the companys assistance on the usual scale will be limited to
fares for self and family for the outward journey only
(4.8) The concession will also be admissible to an employee who had actually
applied for leave preparatory to retirement but could not avail the same as it
was refused in the interest of companys work provided that in such cases,
the company's assistance will be limited to fares for self and family for the
outward journey only.
(4.9) The service on re-employment in BSNL immediately after retirement without
any break, may be treated as continuous with their past services for the
purpose of their entitlement of LTC under BSNL LTC Rules. Further, such
re—employed employees may avail of the LTC in the year in which they have
been re-employed provided they had not availed any LTC in the same year
earlier in their previous organisation .
"Shortest Route" means the route by which the destination can be reached
at the earliest by the approved mode of travel
(6.1) Home town means permanent home town or village as declared by the
employee in his verification roll at the time of his entry into the service.
Persons who have not so far declared their home towns should immediately
do so to entitle them to avail ofthe facilities under these rules.
(642) A decision of 'l-Iome Town' once made shall ordinarily be treated as final but in
exceptional circumstances, the CMD, BSNL may authorise a change provided
that such a change shall not be made more than once during the entire service
of an employee

(6.3) Journey need not necessarily commence from or end at the headquarters of
the employee either in his own case or the case of his family. But the
assistance to be given will be the amount that would have been admissible had
the journey been performed between the headquarters and the 'Home-[ofthe
7.0 YEAR
(7.1) Year for the purpose of these rules shall mean the calender year.
(7.2) Leave Travel Concession due for the block year will have to be availed of
during the block year itself. No carry forward of block year would be
admissible. However, interchange in block years between All lndia LTC and
Home Town LTC is ( permissible.
(8.1) Leave Travel Concession will be admissible to the dependent members of an
employee's family with reference to the facts existing at the time of the outward
and the return journeys independently
(8.2) A dependent son! daughter getting employment or getting married after
having gone on LTC or remaining there for prosecution of studies;- ln
such cases employees will be entitled to reimbursement in respect of the
outward journey only,
(8.3) The family, having performed the outward joumey do not complete the
retum joumey within six months:- ln such cases employees will be entitled
to reimbursement in respect of the outward journey only.
(8.4) A dependent sonl daughter who is prosecuting hisl her stuides at a place
away from the place of work and home town of the employee would be
entitled to this concession for going to the home town or to the place of
work of the employee concerned and hack to the place of hisl her studies
once a year;- ln such cases, this assistance will, however, be limited to the
LTC entitlement of the employee in respect of that son/daughter, otherwise
admissible or the actual expenditure whichever is less.
(8.5) The road journey undertaken at the intermediate stations during LTC journey
such as from Railway Slationl Air-port/ Sea Port to Rly Station! Air-portlSea
Port and vice—versa will also be treated as part of the journey and the
reimburement therefore, would be governed as per Traveling Allowance Rules
of the Company.

(9.1) Leave Travel Concession will also be admissible for journey undertaken by
other modes of conveyance provided the place is not connected by Railways.
In all such cases, the journey must be performed by the shortest road routel
steamer service The assistance will be limited to the actual expenses
incurred subject to a ceiling of 55 paise per kilometer per member of the
family. The assistance for journeys by own car / taxi will, however, be Rs.
1.50 per kilometer per member.
(9.2) It will be permissible for an employee and his family members to travel in a
class higher or lower than to which he is entitled In the former case, the
Company's liability wil be restricted to the fare by the class to which the
employee is entitled and in the later case to the fare by the class in which he or
his family actually travelled. lf on such journyes, or part of such journeys, the
employee or a member of his family travelled by road or by steamer for the
places which are connected by rail, the extent ofthe Company‘s assistance will
be limited to what would have been admissible had he travelled by rail in the
authorised class or the actual expenses whichever is less.
(10.1) Where the employee and his family travel by private car. the concession shall
be equivalent to what would have been admissible had the journey been
performed by rail by the entitled class or at the rate admissible under TA Rules
in such cases, whichever is less.
(10.2) In case of officers who are their own controlling ofhcer for TA Bills, a certificate
by them to the fact that they and! or the member of their family travelled by
private car may be accepted as adequate proof of journey. In other cases
reimbursement will be allowed provided the Controlling Officer is satisfied that
the jouneys were actually performed by private car.
(10.3) Employee will be reimbursed on presentation of claims accompained by a
certificate as per LTC rules. They should produce evidence of their having
actually performed the journey, for example, Railway Ticket No., cash receipts,
(10.4) Where the employee and his family travel by private car the claim for leave
travel concession should be supported by a certificate from the owner of the
vehicle to the effect that he had lent his car (giving the registration No of the
vehicle) to the employee concerned for undertaking journey during LTC. This
proof will be sufhcient for this purpose where employee travels by road in
private car during LTC for the distance connected by Rail.
(10.5) A statement of expenses incurred by the BSNL employees supported by the
vouchers for purchase of petrol, mobile oil, routine repairs during journey, toll

The claims for leave travel concession shall be submitted within one month
after the completion of the return journey, However, claim for reimbursement
of expenditure incurred on journey under leave travel concession shall be
submitted within three months after the completion of the return journey, if no
advance had been drawn. Failure to do so will entail forfeiture ofthe claim
and no relxation shall be permissible in this regard. While submitting LTC
claims, proof of having performed the journey like ticket numbers or railway
cash receipt(s), boarding pass in case of air travel and ticket in case of
steamer etc. should be submitted
lf there is any doubt regarding interpetation of any of the provisions in these
rules the matter shall be referred to BSNL Corporate Office for claritication.
Power to modify any provision of these rules vests with CMD,
Where the operation of any of these rules made above causes undue
hardship in any particular case, CMD, BSNL, has power to relax any
provision of these rules by order, for reasons to be recorded in writing. CMD,
BSNL may further delegate these powers to concerned HAG officers in
Corporate Office and head of the administrative units units/circles to such
extent and subject to such exception and conditions as he may consider
(P.K, Misra)
Jt. DDG(Estt)




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